Commercial Litigation

Get Positive Results — Keep Costs Down — Reduce Your Burden

Get Positive Results — Keep Costs Down — Reduce Your Burden

Many businesses and individuals who encounter a commercial legal struggle must eventually advance to litigation. If this is the situation you face, then you may feel concerned not only about the result of the trial but also about the time and money you stand to lose.

When clients need advocacy in a commercial litigation suit, they trust Overturf McGath & Hull, P.C. With over 25 years of experience; our law firm has reached hundreds of positive outcomes for our clients, utilizing alternative dispute resolution or trial.  We will fight to reach the best results available, keep your costs down and reduce your stress.

Decades Of Successful Results At Trial

We are proud to say that we have practiced in federal and state trial and appellate courts. Frequently, we can reach a favorable resolution before even appearing in court. Even so, our trial results speak for themselves. We have consistently received favorable results for our clients.

No Matter The Particulars, We Can Handle It

With the experienced attorneys on our staff, Overturf McGath & Hull, P.C. has encountered just about every aspect of litigation imaginable. Our clients span a broad range of industries, including public entities, construction, and insurance and transportation industries. With our lawyers’ diverse knowledge of local, state and federal law, we can provide the capable counsel you need.

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The law office of Overturf McGath & Hull, P.C. is based in Denver and Aspen, but we serve clients throughout the upper Mountain West region. Contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation regarding litigation. Simply call (303) 860-2848 or send our office an email.