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Favorable Resolutions To Bad-Faith Claims

The attorneys of Overturf McGath & Hull, P.C., have over three decades of experience providing a strong, effective defense to allegations of insurance bad faith. Our priority is finding beneficial solutions to the most complex insurance defense issues plaguing insurance carriers, businesses and other parties.

The attorneys at our firm provide the incomparable manpower and experience necessary to tackle your legal problem. Serving clients throughout the Mountain West region, our team will strive to resolve the bad faith claims against you in a fast, discreet and favorable manner.

The Strategic Use Of Litigation

We have obtained countless favorable results through negotiation and settlement, and we always attempt these methods before proceeding to court. But our battle-tested trial attorneys understand the need for strategic litigation. We take a proactive approach and prepare every case as if it were destined for trial. It gives us the upper hand in negotiations when the other party realizes that we are serious about litigating a case.

Take Proactive Measures To Prevent Problems

You can also avoid many major problems and claims by retaining our law firm for ongoing guidance. We work with our clients to prevent future disputes, ensure compliance and minimize liability. For consistent counsel regarding bad faith claims, you can rely on Overturf McGath & Hull, P.C.

Talk To A Lawyer To Find A Resolution

The lawyers at Overturf McGath & Hull, P.C. are ready to discuss the solutions you need and how best to reach them. Whether you are located in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska or Montana, you can schedule a consultation at our law firm in Denver. Call us at (303) 860-2848 or reach our office online.