Colorado sexual harassment claims settled, serving as an example

| Feb 22, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Workers are provided a lot of employment protections, which is a good thing. However, given that these protections are pretty broad, covering everything from harassment to discrimination and wages and hours, employers can find themselves facing unwarranted litigation. That’s why employers who don’t want to be hit with large judgments and damage to their reputations need to do everything that they can to protect themselves.

What’s at risk?

You don’t have to look very far to see what’s at risk in employment litigation. Just recently, one Colorado produce company, Fagerberg Produce, settled multiple sexual harassment claims for $500,000. According to the claims, which were brought on behalf of five individuals, a former supervisor at the company engaged in behavior that were deemed sexually harassing in nature, then retaliated against employees assumingly when they either reported or threatened to report the behavior.

Being proactive may prevent claims

In response to the settlement, the Fagerberg has made a commitment to more thoroughly investigate similar complaints, take immediate action to remedy the issue, and even obtaining bilingual consultants to ensure that employees are appropriately trained and that claims are adequately investigated.

These steps shed light on the importance in being proactive in avoiding employment law issues. Having strong policies, trainings, and compliance programs can help head off inappropriate behavior in the workforce that could lead to litigation. Such practices can also help you build a strong defense in the event that erroneous allegations are filed against your company.

An attorney may be able to help guide you

Implementing these protective elements to your business takes a lot of foresight, which might be challenging if your business has had few problems up to this point. However, law firms like our have dealt with a lot of employment law claims, so we know how they come up and what could have been done to either avoid them or build a strong defense. That’s why many Colorado businesses choose to seek out legal assistance early on to ensure that they are protecting themselves as fully as possible.