Why should you have a business succession plan ready?

| Feb 14, 2020 | Intellectual Property |

Business owners in Colorado often have grandiose plans for the future. You may have a projected timeline that lasts many years. You may wish to run your company for as long as you are able. But regardless of your plans, you should have a business succession plan ready.

Why are business succession plans so important? For one, you do not know what life will throw your way. It is impossible to predict where you will be five or ten years from now. Even a year can change a lot in your life. For this reason, you will want to ensure that the pieces are in place to continue your work even if you are unable to.

Intellectual property comes into play because it is key to any good business. You must protect your IP in any way you can to ensure your growth and longevity. In a business succession plan, you should also prioritize IP protection. Make sure that your successor understands the importance of IP and how to protect it. Let them know how integral IP is to the function of the entire business model.

A successor should also understand other key components of your business. This includes the core principles that you build it on and how you want it run. Setting a succession plan far in advance is one good way to ensure that this is all understood by the successor.

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