Google facing antitrust lawsuits from private publishers

| Jan 6, 2020 | Business Law |

The phrase “google it” has become part of our everyday lexicon here in Colorado. However, the tech giant Google is facing its own legal woes, as a number of private publishers have filed antitrust lawsuits against it, joining other lawsuits brought by the Department of Justice and dozens of state attorneys general.

Sweepstakes Today

Sweepstakes Today is one of four companies that has filed a private lawsuit claiming Google violated the Sherman Act by monopolizing through its digital ad sales. Sweepstakes Today has seen its revenues take a significant downturn as Google uses its monopolistic power to keep a hold on digital advertisement revenues. According to the complaint, Sweepstakes Today reports that prior to 2012 when Google through acquisitions and vertical integration consolidated markets and drove out rivals, it earned around $150,000 per year.

Genius Media Group

In a second private claim, Genius Media Group is also claiming Google violated the Sherman Act. According to the complaint Google’s ad server contains anti-competitive rules and conduct. This artificially warps where and how publishers can sell ad placement. This lawsuit echoes claims brought by the DOJ and state attorneys general.

Will these claims be resolved?

It remains to be seen how these claims will be resolved, and if so, what effect they will have on Google as a company. Antitrust claims are serious, and if violated they can cost a company significantly. Those who want more information on antitrust laws or the Sherman Act can seek the advice of an attorney.